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Coming Back to Campus

Welcome back!

We hope you had a wonderful semester and we look forward to hearing about your time abroad. The Office of Global Programs and Fellowships hosts re-entry sessions, which create an environment where students can share with peers about their time abroad. Students can also contact their study abroad advisor to set up a time to come by the office and debrief your experience.

Transcripts and Credits
Columbia Programs: General Credit
If you participated on a Columbia program, you do not need to do anything further for general credit, except fill out an evaluation form. Your courses and grades will appear in SSOL once they are reported from abroad.

Non-Columbia Programs: General Credit
In order to have your completed outside credits transferred upon return, please follow these steps:
For general credit, have your study abroad transcript sent to:
Office of Global Programs and Fellowships
606 Kent Hall, MC 3948
1140 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027

You will also need to complete two program evaluations, one for the program that you attended, and one for Columbia. Many programs will not send a transcript to Columbia until you have completed their evaluation form. Columbia will not transfer credit until you have completed the Columbia evaluation form. Instructions regarding the Columbia evaluation will be sent to you a few weeks after the end of your study abroad program.

Major Credit
Once you have been awarded general credit, you must see your major department  to discuss satisfying any major requirements. You may be required to show syllabi, papers or other work that you have from overseas.

For all students, you must meet with the DUS or advisor in your major department to determine how study abroad courses can fit into your major or concentration.

Processing your study abroad experience
Counseling Services

Returning from study abroad can often be a stressful experience. You may have experienced personal and emotional changes that your friends and family don't entirely understand. Your friends may have changed in ways that you did not anticipate. Feelings of stress and confusion are completely normal in the re-entry process of coming back home. However, if you feel you are having trouble adjusting to being back in the United States or coping with the changes that have happened in your life and need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to visit Counseling Services at Health Services.

Counseling Services
8th floor, Lerner Hall
2920 Broadway, Mail Code 2606
New York, NY 10027
Appointments: 212 854 2878
After-hours clinician-on-call: 212 854 9797 

Office of Global Programs Advisors
Talk to your regional advisors about your study abroad experience and what your future goals might be with regard to international experiences.